• Better Practice App : The Better Practice App is the system I use for giving assignments and helping students practice. When the student is ready to practice, s/he opens the app and clicks on the top assignment. The instructions for practice are right there, as well as any multimedia resources, a metronome, and chat option to ask the teacher a question. At the end of practice, the student rates how well they played today, and then clicks the next assignment. The list helps keep review pieces in the fingers and eliminates forgotten assignments and lost instructions. This is a web-app accessible from any device, but you can make a shortcut to you home screen and it behaves like a downloaded app.
  • Flash Note Derby : A note-learning game. I often send out drills pre-set specific to the student using this app! Please choose one of the piano keyboard option to enter answers!
  • Grampianostudio youtube channel : See videos of performances and lessons, reminder videos of pieces you are learning, and listen to music!
  • Staff Wars Live : This game is a fun way to learn the notes on the staff! Watch out - it'll go faster and faster!