Studio Policy

GramPianoStudio policy
Thank you for choosing me as your piano teacher!
In order to ensure that you or your child get the most effective and creative teaching possible, I have established the following policies:

1 Schedule

  1. Individual students get one 45-minute lesson per week, a total of 37 lessons per year.
  2. Piano Discovery students (very young beginners) have 30-minute lessons.
  3. Piano Performer students have 60-minute lessons.
  4. Group classes run for 55 minutes per week for beginners.
  5. The studio is closed on certain days as detailed in the studio calendar.
  6. Make-up lessons will NOT be given. At times I may offer online mini-lessons or group events, however this will depend on availability. Unfortunately my schedule does not allow for accommodating make-up lessons.

2 Home instrument requirements

The student must have daily access to an 88-key acoustic piano, or alternatively, an 88-weighted key digital piano with at least one attached pedal. Acoustic pianos should be tuned at least once per year.

3 Payment

  1. The first lesson in the first year of study is offered free of charge.
  2. Thereafter the student must register for study and pay for a minimum of one month of lessons or cancel the enrollment.
  3. There may occasionally be special offers for a limited period, after which clause 3b) will take effect.
  4. 2018 lesson cost is:
    1. Piano Safari Adventure and Piano for Fun lessons are billed monthly ($161/month in 12 equal payments). The cost includes ordinary instructional materials.
    2. Piano Discovery (young beginner) 30-minute lessons are also billed monthly ($112/month in 12 equal payments)
    3. Piano Performer students are billed monthly for 60-minute lessons (intermediate to advanced students only)
    4. Group lesson price TBA
    5. GST is not charged at present.
  5. The basic lesson cost will be adjusted from year to year.
  6. There is a 20% family discount for the second (or more) students from the same household.
  7. Lesson attendance at the teacher’s home studio in Nowhere Creek attracts a 20% discount.
  8. Payment is due monthly in advance by direct subscription through PayPal or by direct bank deposit.
  9. Alternative payment options may be negotiated at time of registration. However, students who pay by the lesson will be billed for materials.

4 Missed lessons

Missed lessons are not rescheduled, unless by mutual agreement (swap) between students. If lessons are swapped this decision must be communicated to the teacher at least one day before the lesson. Lesson times can only be swapped with another student in the same town. Missed lessons are not refunded, the cost of lessons being divided over the entire year, to include 37 lessons within a 52-week period (eg. 15 weeks of the year will not have lessons, whether due to illness or student/teacher absence)

5 Lesson conduct

  1. Students will bring all their instructional materials to each lesson.
  2. When lessons are delivered in-home a responsible adult must be present during lesson times.
  3. Lessons will finish on time even if the student arrives late.
  4. Parents are encouraged to observe lessons, but are not required to do so. However, they are asked to pick up students on time in order to respect the next student’s slot. Likewise, discussions of progress may not be possible immediately after the lesson, as another student may be waiting.
  5. In order to teach how to play the piano, the teacher will need to touch the student’s hands, arms, shoulders, and on occasion, the back. Parents agree to permit the teacher to use appropriate physical touch on their child in order to ensure correct posture and technique
  6. Lessons and performances may occasionally be videotaped for teaching quality-improvement purposes. Likewise, photos may be taken during lessons.
  7. Pictures of students, with no mention of names, may on occasion be made public on the gramPIANOstudio blog page or facebook page. Signing this policy indicates your acceptance of such publishing. Any images or videos used will relate solely to your child's music study.

7 Materials

a. GramPIANOstudio will provide the regular instructional materials for beginning students, which will be covered by the lesson cost, with exception of online app / platform subscriptions. Exceptions also apply to students who pay by alternative arrangements.
b. Students who wish to sit exams (eg AMEB or others) will be required to obtain materials approved by these boards at their own expense.
c. Intermediate and advanced students will obtain their own music and instructional materials.

8 Practice

Students are expected to practice regularly at home (minimum 5 days every week), according to the assignment given at any particular time. Please do not hesitate to discuss practice requirements at the first trial lesson, or at any time during study. Success in piano is only possibly with regular practice!

9 Communication

  1. Please advise of any absence 24h prior to lesson (emergencies excepted)
  2. e-mail or SMS communication is preferred.
  3. All students are encouraged to register through MusicTeachersHelper on the studio website.
  4. Electronic assignment notes are provided through MusicTeachersHelper, or Practicia app. Students and parents should read these emails as they contain important information for home practice, which is vital for progress.

10 Discontinuation of Lessons –

  1. If a student wishes to discontinue lessons, parents must advise the teacher two weeks in advance.
  2. If lessons are discontinued before the paid for month is finished, a maximum of two weeks of lesson cost will be refunded (as adjusted to the full-year subscription rate).
  3. If student is found to be consistently unprepared (eg. no home practice), the teacher may suggest discontinuation of lessons or transfer to another instrument or teacher.
I have read the 2017 GramPIANOstudio lesson policy and I agree to abide by all the terms and conditions in that document, including release of authority to publish pictures, recordings and videos related to my child's piano study.
Please return this document by ______.
Failure to do so may result in losing the place offered to your child in gramPIANOstudio.