Let's learn the piano and explore music making together!

GramPIANOstudio offers weekly individual lessons in the Grampians and Pyrenees area, even including lessons in your own home!

Eugenia (aka Aino Elisabeth Theisen) is a highly qualified pianist and teacher who will have you enjoy your music making from the start! You will be playing a variety of real music from day one.

Girl at piano

- Play fun music from day one!
- Mobile piano studio comes to you in the Pyrenees and Grampians.
- 15 years teaching experience
- Innovative and individualised materials
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I offer four distinct programs for piano students:
  • Beginners Group  Group lessons with improvisation for beginners on the piano aged 5 and up. You will learn to express yourself musically and freely on the piano. Students learn to play for pleasure, while learning to read music is secondary. Session are 55 minutes and a minimum of 4 students is required in one location.
  • Piano Discovery. This is an individual program for very young beginners, eg. 4-5 year olds. It will introduce them to music and the piano and build a solid foundation while having fun. As an added benefit they also become better prepared to learn maths and other school subjects!
  • Piano Safari Adventurers. This curriculum is for beginners from 5 years up, if they have been assessed as suitable at the first free lesson interview, or graduates of the Discovery program. Students learn to play pieces both from music and by ear. Individual lessons are 45 minutes long. Most transfer students from other teachers will benefit from this program.
  • Piano Performer program. This exclusive program is for students who want to learn prepare for AMEB exams and learn classical pieces as well as other types of music. Lessons are 60 minutes long, and preparation requires consistent practice and commitment. Students are accepted by audition/interview if they are not already current students at Grampianostudio.
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"I found learning how to play the piano with you a wonderful and joyful experience. As a teacher you are very knowledgeable, patient and easy to learn from. I find I am still able to reflect back on the skills you have taught even though it has been many years.
You are very engaging and passionate in your teaching which is a good quality to have when working with younger students. I find, even today, that you are very approachable with any age group, and therefore make an excellent piano teacher.
Thank you and with love, Stacey P."

"Having worked together both in classroom and rehearsals, I believe that Evgenia is a superb artist-teacher, who engages her students in a positive way, maintains high standards, and encourages personal development. Evgenia continues the great tradition of piano playing and music education, and her artistic and pedagogical abilities are of the highest order..."

Dr Mirna Lekic, associate professor of music (piano), City University of New York